Real Life. Real Millennial.

I’m Tabitha and here at The Mom Set, we have a no perfect moms allowed policy. We believe in empowering the generation of millennial moms by sharing honestly about motherhood, marriage, and life. We believe that mom guilt and the shame of imperfection can be replaced with inspiration and pride – if we’re real and transparent about everything, including our struggles.

Life is layered and we promise to show it all. As much as we love Pinterest, our lives just arent that perfect – but there’s beauty in the mess, right?

Welcome to the community!

Around here you’ll find:

  • Experiences of a Multiculural Family
  • Recipes for Big Families & Picky Eaters
  • Ways to Hide the Mess in Your House
  • Marriage Advice from a Couple Who’s Made All the Mistakes

…and so much more!