Embracing imperfection and finding joy daily.

My purpose is building a community that inspires women + moms to feel beautiful, confident, and joyful about themselves and their families. Our approach is to share experiences, tips, brands, and products that make their lives easier and more enjoyable — with through high-quality and relatable storytelling and content.

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My audience is made up mostly of women between the ages of 25-44, who largely identify as millennial moms, and household decision-makers. 

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I started blogging when I was pregnant with my first child and have been connect with millennial women + moms on social platforms for just as long.

Over the years my audience, following, and content have continued to grow — and my platforms have evolved into a community where I share daily about motherhood, marriage, lifestyle travel, and life with my big multicultural family!

Here are some samples of past partnerships to give you an idea of how my family and I can partner with you to organically showcase your brand.

About Tabitha

Motherhood + Lifestyle Content Creator and Influencer


I am a 30-something millennial mom who lives in Mckinney, Texas with my husband, four kids, and mom!

I started blogging in the early 2000’s, while in college and pregnant with my oldest child. Over the years, I have built an engaged community who have followed my journey and family through single motherhood, climbing the corporate ladder, marriage, surprise pregnancies, and everything else life has brought my way!

In addition to being a full-time content creator and influencer, I often consult with brands and agencies on diversity and inclusivity in influencer and digital marketing campaigns


Two of the things I love most about my job as a content creator are partnering with brands that make life easier and more enjoyable — and helping my community discover those brands and products. 

Below you’ll find my standard services offer, but I look forward to putting together a package to meet your specific objectives, as we build a long-term relationship! 


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