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Don’t Listen to Rachel Hollis, ‘Girl Wash Your Face’ Is Not Reality

Don’t Listen to Rachel Hollis, ‘Girl Wash Your Face’ Is Not Reality


Happy New Year!

I know I’m a day late, but I chose to spend the first day of the year with my small people, bonding and setting the tone for the year to come. We took a little break from social media, which is becoming increasingly rare these days, and watched movies, talked, and snuggled. It was wonderful.

If you know me, you know that last year (and the year before) was hard. I struggled on every level — my mental, physical, and spiritual health and well-being was challenged, but I made it through and I feel good. I learned a lot about myself. I learned how strong I am. I learned who I can count on. I also learned that the reason I’ve been a massive failure, these last couple of years is ME. I have every right and reason to be broken after all the things I’ve gone through, but I’ve let those things become excuse to stay broken, instead of using it as fuel to power my rebirth.

Another not-so-surprising revelation from 2018, was that social media can be toxic without context — something I’ve always known, but never had firsthand experience with. I’ve been in love with the internet for 20 years, and have fed my family with it for 15 years as a digital marketer and blogger. I’ve been blogging since high school (remember Google Geocities), and influencing since before it was a job title, and I’ve always been able to separate it from real life. However, over the last few years, the lines have become blurry. I have found myself at a standstill with my hustle for all this time; not sharing something that I think is worthy because I don’t have the right lens or lighting. Worse, maybe one of my kids had a stain on their shirt, or I didn’t do my makeup. I’ve fallen into the my life doesn’t look perfect enough trap, more than a few times and I’m over it.

I’ve watched people post photos of their perfectly curated instagram lives, and share advice with others on how to achieve the same seemingly perfect life. I watch them post photos of self-help books, like Girl Wash Your Face, and quote Rachel Hollis or whatever guru/influencer/curator they’re following currently, and I’ve decided not to be one of them. If that’s your bag, that’s cool — this is a personal choice. I’ve come to terms with the fact my kids stuff is in every room of my house, so I probably won’t ever be HGTV enough for a home tour post. I work from home with two kids under two, so I don’t have time to crank out stage photo shoots, or get in full makeup everyday. I have four kids, so my life won’t ever be chic, but it’ll always be busy and chaotic. Most of all, I’ll never be perfect, but I always be real. And I’m embracing my imperfections, this year and beyond!

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